When to Refer to kidmOTion


All parents want to ensure their child is starting life with the basic skills necessary to move, play and learn. Every child develops at a different rate and a variation is acceptable.

At kidmOTion, we believe in following your instincts. If you are worried about a behaviour or someone has flagged something with you - get a referral and get it checked. A Developmental Check-Up is the recommended place to start and would be suggested if you are seeing any of the below indicators.


Your child should have a check-up if they are showing ONE OR MORE of:

Difficulty with settling or self-soothing.
Not responding to their name.
Not consistently using eye contact or gestures.
'Floppy' bubs who may have poor head control and are slow to get moving (sit, crawl etc).
Not reaching out and using hands to play with toys within reach.
Slow to reach developmental milestones.


Your child should have a check-up if they are showing ONE OR MORE of:

Difficulty with settling to sleep, waking through night.
Fussy eating.
Avoidance of climbing or swinging activities at the park.
Biting, hitting, kicking.
Bumping into things, falling/tripping over.
Seeking lots of movement (spinning self around, crashing onto floor, likes to be upside down).
Sensitivity to noise, touch, clothes, tastes, smells.
Toilet training issues.


Your child should have a check-up if they are showing ONE OR MORE of:

Difficulty with settling to sleep.
Fussy eating (limits food to certain textures or colours).
Avoidance of climbing and unstable equipment at park (e.g. wobbly bridge).
Trouble with transitions at preschool (inside to outside, separation from parent).
Anxious behaviours (resistant to change in routine, likes familiarity).
Biting, hitting, kicking other children or siblings
Wears too little clothes for the weather.
Sensitivity to noises, tastes, smells.
Likes to pick own clothes (e.g. tracksuits and t-shirts only).
Seeks or avoids movement activities.
Imaginative play is limited (little or no story line).
Independence in dressing, bathing, grooming not emerging.


Your child should have a check-up if they are showing ONE OR MORE of:

School readiness issues (social, fine motor, separation anxiety).
Hand dominance issues (hand swapping, mixed dominance).
Cannot focus attention to complete classroom tasks or homework.
Fidgets at circle time, cannot keep hands to self.
Chews non-food items (shirt collar, tassels, pencils).
Difficulty organising their work and belongings.
Difficulty following complex instructions or understanding stories.
Not expressing ideas well verbally or in writing.
Difficulty with reading, spelling or writing.
Difficulty communicating with peers in play.
Academic underachievement.
Poor co-ordination.
Lack of participation in sports or physical activities.
Difficulty learning new tasks.
Needs excessive help to get self-ready for school.

The Kidmotion On-Boarding Process


We will email you to confirm that we have received your Intake Form. Your child’s name will then be placed on our waitlist for Assessment and a Service Planning Meeting will be scheduled via telephone with one of our team members. We will advise of likely wait time during this meeting. Any previous therapy or specialist reports, GP Referrals or NDIS Plan details will be requested to be sent to us at this time and can be emailed at any time to


Parents are required to attend assessment appointments with their child. At this 45 minute appointment, your child's development will be checked in the areas of fine and gross motor, self-care, sensory processing and social emotional functioning. It usually takes more than one appointment to complete the full battery of assessments required to cover all of these skill areas.


As part of the initial appointment package, families choose whether they require either a report or an individual home/school program designed for their child. Where both report and home/school program are required, families will be advised of the additional fee.


Goals for therapy will be identified and prioritised in partnership with families. Location, frequency and time of day for therapy sessions will be discussed and booked in a term in advance.


An hour is allocated for Individual and Group Therapy appointments. The hour consists of 45 minutes of face-to-face therapy and 15 minutes for sanitisation and set-up between clients and writing of clinical notes. Where possible children are encouraged to attend therapy appointments independently. Parents are asked to wait in the café or to use the time to relax or do their endless list of jobs. We ask that parents be mindful of our COVID procedures and not wait in the reception area to reduce numbers in that space.

How to Apply


To apply simply complete the form below or click on the link below to download a copy of the form.


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